DOUBLE ACROSTIC no. 3 (Gen. Knowledge - cryptic clued version)
A wildlife conservation area / an extract of a description of that area

  by Eddie and Jo James  (cryptic version - link to  straight version)

Complete the top grid by solving the clues or by transferring letters from the lower grid. The 1st column of the top grid spells the name of a wildlife conservation area. The lower grid contains a description of that area. Complete the lower grid by transferring letters from the top grid or by guessing the words of the quotation. Each square has a cross-reference to its equivalent square in the other grid.
A Composer is backing 'Blues I' variation (8)
BDepartement of Ile de France makes no sense (7)
CComposer long after wild party (5)
DMakes Dodd see fit to change international festival of the 'bardic arts' (10)
EIn short no credit from this US electronics company (3)
FFather has energy to enter festivals of Pacific Ocean islands (9)
GCryptic clue: one needs date of Greek mathematician (6)
HTime to fool former news agency (4)
IBond inventor filming an epic initially perhaps (3,7)
JTrembling, warn Hal of tusked Arctic inhabitant (7)
KOne left northern Scottish port for castled Northumbrian town (7)
LThe bedouin's place in art/entertainment? (4)
MBalearic island's first class backing protects informal business (5)
NIrish short story writer of earthly mix (1,8)
OHitler's lot involved in Arizona 'zip art' (yellow) (4,5)
PHunnish ruler sounds like a farm labourer (6)
QFrench town some motorists go round and round all day! (2,4)
RClumsily tip samples of text apparently over-written in a manuscript (10)
SMythological Greek king cold during ocean return (8)
TFrench river horse it's said (5)
UFamily with thousands of dollars of Old Testament books (5)
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