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Best for Puzzles
Many crosswords and other puzzles to solve. Crossword tutorial and other good solving aids.
Also, an excellent, comprehensive and very well cross-referenced Who's Who of the crossword world .

Chambers Online Crossword (Publisher of dictionaries / reference works)
Monthly crossword - java and printable. A quite challenging cryptic puzzle, though help is available via 'reveal' buttons and Chambers' own online 'Crossword Solver'. There's also a link to a (quiz-style) monthly General Knowledge crossword.

Crossword Centre (Derek Harrison)
Good resources for the crossword enthusiast. Most of all, though, this site (and its associated Message Board) is for those who seriously enjoy their cryptic puzzles, especially when there's an extra layer or two of difficulty added!
Challenging and 'coffee-time' crosswords appear regularly with a prize offered sometimes. And ... you'll find some interesting mug shots of setters and other characters from the world of crosswords!

Crossword Star 
  Digital Dictionary and Geographical Reference guide
- commercial software allowing sophisticated searching of a very large database based on the content of actual crosswords.

Daily, weekly, monthly blogs on all the British 'quality' newspapers' cryptics (and Cyclops's fortnightly one in Private Eye).

Free Crosswords Online
Cryptic crosswords from a professional setter plus a showcase of new compilers' work. There's also a substantial section offering useful advice / information to would-be professional compilers.

George Versus the Listener Crossword 
"... is about one average crossword solver's battle with the Listener Crossword".
No doubt seasoned Listener solvers will keep a regular date with this blog - and for those who are new to that particular crossword, or, like me, have never attempted it but are curious, it's a terrific introduction.

Guardian: Alan Connor's Crossword Blog 
Entertaining articles exploring the many facets of the world of crosswords; a regular 'Meet The Setter' spot and clue-writing competition.

Guardian Crosswords 
Cryptic and straight crosswords from the UK daily newspaper in interactive and printable versions. Nice software with a wealth of features available to the solver. Possibly the most entertaining of any of the UK national cryptics (though there are some dull ones) but often the most difficult of the standard cryptics. 
The site has other stuff of interest to crossword fans, including a monthly £100 prize crossword.

Ray Hamel’s ‘Crossword Puzzles’
[Site no longer maintained?]

Hoskins Crosswords
Bi-monthly cryptic crosswords; Solving guide; Links to crossword sites and entertaining/useful Youtube crossword-related clips

Listener Crossword
The Listener crossword is one of the most difficult crosswords there is. Solving the cryptic clues is just one element of a complex process, usually involving the consulting of reference books, etc. The failure rate among its would-be solvers appears to be quite high ("failure" often being no more than a tiny oversight or a technical misinterpretation of the puzzle's cryptically worded preamble). Despite this, it has a large, dedicated following. The web site, created in 2006, gives the background, the history, details of setters - and heaps of statistics. There's also a sample crossword to download, if you think you're up to it!

Peter Biddlecombe's Solving Tips   
Good practical advice, succinctly put, to solvers of cryptic crosswords.

Poins' Crosswords   
Weekly cryptic crossword puzzles, free, and a link to 'straight' crosswords. There are also useful links to other crossword sites.

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